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Adventuneer Content Policy, Quality Statement, Reviews, Rules & Linking Information
    • Adventuneer TM (Outdoor Adventure Spirit, OAS, OASpirit, MyCampSites, MCS, N2 Outdoor Adventure, N2OA)TM is designed to be a family friendly website. The content we provide as well as the websites we link to are carefully monitored to adhere to a "Family Friendly" content policy. If you find that we have linked to a website that contains questionable content we would like to know about it. Send us an email with the link information or website name and we will review it for conformity and remove it if we feel it fails our standards.
    • Adventuneer makes every effort to add value, quality and accuracy to each and every page for a "complete" experience for our visitors. We search the internet for websites and content that meet our high standards and include them on Adventuneer only if they meet those standards. Websites must provide value and quality for our visitors. We do our best to provide accurate and informative descriptions to each of the websites we link to. In most cases we will use a description directly from the website itself. If you are responsible for a website Adventuneer links to and you object to the methods we use to describe your website please send us an email and we will gladly revise the description as long as accuracy is upheld.
    • On occasion, Adventuneer may write a review of products or services. If you wish to have Adventuneer review your product or service please send us an email with the details of your request.  The product or service must have be related to the Adventuneer experience - such as camping, destinations or outdoor adventure. 
  • If you are a website owner/admin and wish to have your website added to Adventuneer please send an email with the following information:
  • Website name
  • URL link
  • Description
  • Adventuneer page you wish to be added to

We will review your request along with your website and make the addition if we feel your website holds true to the spirit of Adventuneer.

Thank you for visiting Adventuneer. We hope you've enjoyed the experience and will share Adventuneer with your family and friends!